Published: July 10, 2013

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Hui Hua Chua

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If a book is in demand at MSU, Hui Hua Chua makes sure the library will supply it.

Chua is a collections and users support librarian for all MSU libraries. Her goal is to make finding resources as easy as possible for MSU students and faculty. She orders new books and helps improve the library’s search engine.

“We’re working really hard to make our website easy to navigate,” Chua said. “The best part is knowing I’m helping our users find the information they need and get the resources they require.”

Chua tracks “turn away” statistics to know what books to order for the university. Turn away statistics show how many times students and faculty cannot find a book because it is already checked out or because the MSU library does not carry it.

“If there is a lot of turn away from a book, maybe it has been recommended by a faculty member or maybe it is going to be used for class,” Chua said. “We see that and we can immediately add access [for that book].”

Chua has been in her current position for a year and with MSU for about 10 years. Since she started her career at the service desk, she said she is interested in helping people and answering their questions.

“I think that’s what attracted me to the profession,” Chua said. “It’s a service profession.”


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Hui Hua Chua, collections and users support librarian. Photo by Matt Hallowell

Hui Hua Chua, collections and users support librarian. Photo by Matt Hallowell

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