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June 21, 2012

Staff profiles: Stephanie Glazier

"What I get to do is take public money and increase access to art with that; that's a really special thing," said Stephanie Glazier, assistant director of the Michigan State University Center for Poetry in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities.

Glazier, who has been with the center since its creation five years ago, said that a typical day for her includes a multitude of responsibilities.

"The center functions on an academic calendar, and we do all sorts of student programming and community outreach," she said. "My regular Tuesday might look like running a staff meeting and then coordinating a poetry reading or outreach with public school students."

Currently, Glazier is heavily involved in "Poetry in Motion," a nationwide program that began in New York in 1992 with a goal of putting poetry onto public transit systems such as subways and buses.

"The center ran a pilot this past spring, so the poems went up Feb. 1 and they came down in May," Glazier said. "The community loved it. It was such a pleasure to run that program and we are looking to scale it up in the fall."

Glazier said the Todd Boss poem, "The World is in Pencil," will be one of the poems featured during the fall's "Poetry in Motion" campaign.

Having the chance to work on such projects, and helping students learn something they love, are just some of the reasons Glazier said she enjoys her job.

"I love that I get to work with both university students and community folks," she said. "I love that the programming I design meets both of their needs and that it's always changing.

"I love the make-up of the center, our student interns and community council. I really love my job."