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Oct. 31, 2012

Sharrows now found on south end of MSU's campus

On the south end of Michigan State University's campus, motorists and bicyclists alike are now encouraged to share the road.

Green Way and Recycling Road, near MSU Surplus and the south end of Stadium Road, have been marked with sharrows.

"Sharrows are road markings that inform motorists that bicyclists are allowed on the roads and let bicyclists know that they are safe," said Tim Potter, manager of MSU Bikes Service Center. "It's a good compromise for both motorists and bicyclists when there's not enough room in the roadway or budget to build bike lanes."

Sharrows are used when roads are not wide enough for designated bike lanes. This was the case in south campus.

"Sharrows are a share-the-road kind of symbol," Potter said. They are marked with white paint directly on the roadway. Instructional signs have yet to be put up near the new markings.

Sharrows are being used all over the country, but were relatively new to the East Lansing area this past summer. According to Potter, they are proven to be effective.

With MSU's large bicycling community, campus has become more user-friendly over the past 12 years, Potter said. Almost 60 percent of MSU roads have bike lanes or sharrows.

By: Courtney Culey