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Sept. 27, 2012

Faculty Conversations: Sue Carter

For most, teaching at Michigan State University for 21 years would be quite an accomplishment. For Sue Carter, it’s just the beginning on her list of lifetime achievements.

“I spent 17 years as a working journalist in radio and television, mostly in Detroit, and then realized that it was time for me to move from practicing to teaching,” said Carter, a professor of journalism in the School of Journalism.

While working as a journalist Carter received the United Press International Sports Broadcaster of the Year award for reporting on the Detroit Free Press International Marathon while running. In 2007 she was inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame. She has also won multiple Emmys for documentaries she has worked on while at MSU.

In addition to her work in journalism, Carter has had time to pursue personal passions as well. In 2001, she led the first all-women ski expedition to the North Pole from the Russian side of the Earth. In 2005 she detailed the experience in her book, Ordinary Women, and Artic Adventure. She also found time to pursue theological studies, becoming an ordained priest in 2009.

She even managed to find time to receive a master’s degree in history and a law degree.

But, even with these accomplishments, Carter said she still is amazed every day that she works at a place like MSU.

“It’s just amazing to walk on campus and see people whom you’ve engaged with in class,” Carter said. “Just that ability to connect with people and to be a small part of their life is just amazing.”

Carter said she hopes people always appreciate MSU as she does.

“This is a university that is a treasure to the state of Michigan, and I dearly hope that in generations to come people appreciate it and support it and understand the gift that it continues to give to people in Michigan and people throughout the world,” she said.