Published: Dec. 16, 2011

Tips to stay Spartan Green during holiday break

Contact(s): Lauren Olson Office of Campus Sustainability office: (517) 884-2443

During the holiday season, the Office of Campus Sustainability is reminding people to give heating and electrical equipment a break too. Here are some energy-saving tips:

  • Turn it off: Remember to turn off computers, monitors, fax machines, copiers and other energy consuming equipment when leaving for for the holiday break.
  • Clean it out: Take this opportunity to clean out-refrigerators and turn them off during a holiday break.
  • Don't just stand by: It's not really off unless it is unplugged. Electronic devices draw energy all the time, called stand-by energy, to be prepared for the moment they are turned on. Unplug items or turn off the surge protector when you are gone for extended periods of time.
  • Can't remember? Get Smart: Plug control equipment, like watt stoppers, provide technological solutions to help control energy use. These devices automatically sense when spaces are unoccupied and turn off equipment to reduce energy waste. Such technology is available at University Stores.
  • Dial Down: There is no need to set your thermostat higher than 70 degrees. Compensate for temperature by dressing for personal comfort. A light long sleeved sweater will generally add 2 degrees of warmth, while a heavy sweater adds 4 degrees.
  • Shut the Sash: Laboratories should keep fume hood sashes closed for energy saving and safety reasons.