Published: Dec. 15, 2011

Michigan Golf Course Owners Association honors Turf Team

Contact(s): Eileen Gianiodis Agriculture and Natural Resources office: (517) 432-1555, ext. 230 cell: (517) 242-4753

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State University's Turf Team was recognized with the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association's Award of Merit for its outstanding work and contribution to the game of golf.

James Kells, chair of the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, accepted the award during the MGCOA's Award Banquet in November.

The Turf Team has covered every aspect of golf course management from basic agronomic practices and financial management to the most detailed best management practices.

"Their collective contribution to the game of golf is vast, having defined virtually everything we do and how we do it," said Bob Koutnik, of the MGCOA.

MSU has trained more golf turf professionals and educators than any other institution.

Members of the team include the following from the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences: Trey Rogers and Jim Crum, professors; Kevin Frank, associate professor; David Gilstrap, senior specialist; Thom Nikolai and Yusong Mu, specialists; and retired professor Paul Rieke. Additional members of the team include: Joe Vargas, professor in the Department of Plant Pathology and David Smitley, professor in the Department of Entomology.