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Nov. 5, 2010

Staff profiles: Kurt Kwiatkowski

Kurt Kwiatkowski has been on campus for 15 years, and no day is the same for him in his current role as corporate chef of Culinary Services in Residential and Hospitality Services at MSU.

Kwiatkowski oversees production in 13 residential dining halls and helps work with Food Stores in obtaining new ingredients.

His goal, he says, is to give guests the best possible product and have menus be consistent in look and taste across campus. He also creates new recipes for dining halls, and oversees overall food budgets.

“It’s pretty amazing that I came here so many years ago and I still enjoy coming to work every single day,” he says. “I feel that the steps that we’re taking are going to set us so far apart from everyone else that we’re going to be setting the curve in residential and culinary services at university campuses across the nation.”