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Leonard Fleck

Leonard Fleck

Professor of Philosophy

Leonard Fleck is an expert in health care justice, health care rationing, as well as ethical issues related to genetic technologies.

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Area of Expertise

Health care policy including changes being made by the Trump administration


Leonard Fleck is a medical ethicist and philosopher. He is an expert in health care justice, health care rationing and policy, stem cell research, as well as ethical issues related to emerging genetic technologies.

Fleck served as a member of the Clinton Administration’s Health Care Reform Task Force in 1993 and as a state ethicist for Michigan regarding access to health care.

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Selected Press

Michigan State looks to change rules for firing tenured professors

Lansing State Journal | 2018-06-21

In April, Michigan State University's acting general counsel, Kristine Zayko, came to the University Committee on Faculty Tenure with two proposed changes to the policy on firing tenured professors.

Leonard Fleck: Using a Medical Ethicsope

360 Perspective | 2017-08-27

As you embark on the adventure of discovery and growth that is a liberal arts education in the College of Arts & Letters here at Michigan State University, I invite you to consider for a moment what we might learn from a peculiar tree you will encounter on campus.