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Brendan Cantwell

Brendan Cantwell

Associate Professor

Brendan Cantwell's research interests include the study of higher education organization, governance, & finance in the US & internationally.

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Area of Expertise

Educational Administration Higher Education Comparative Education


Brendan Cantwell is an Associate Professor of Higher Adult and Lifelong Learning in Michigan State University's (MSU) College of Education. Dr. Cantwell joined the MSU faculty in August 2011 and was promoted with tenure in August 2017. He conducts a program of research into the political economy of higher education. Topics addressed in Dr. Cantwell's numerous journal articles and book chapters include organizational change, academic labor and production, globalization and international mobility, ... higher education policy and finance, stratification and social inequality, and the politics of higher education. Dr. Cantwell teaches courses about higher education organizations, comparative education, higher education finance, and research methods. He is an experienced advisor for both masters and doctoral students. Starting in December 2018, Dr. Cantwell is Coordinator of the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education unit, which offers three-degree programs, within the Department of Educational Administration. Since 2015 Dr. Cantwell has served as a coordinating editor for Higher Education and is a member of the editorial review board for the Journal of Higher Education. Dr. Cantwell has held leadership roles with the Association for the Study of Higher Education and the American Educational Research Association.

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Selected Press

Brendan Cantwell

Center for Higher and Adult Education | 1969-12-31

Brendan Cantwell is an associate professor in HALE program. He studies the political economy of higher education and addresses topics including organization and governance, policy, and academic labor. Much of his work takes an international and comparative perspective. Brendan teaches courses on a variety of topics including higher education organization and administration, finance and comparative higher education.