Published: Feb. 3, 2013

Tide No. 1 in MSU Super Bowl ad rankings

Contact(s): Tom Oswald Media Communications office: (517) 432-0920 cell: (517) 281-7129, Robert Kolt Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing office: 517-355-2314 cell: 517-881-4446

A Tide detergent commercial in which a football jersey stain resembling San Francisco 49er great Joe Montana is washed out by a Baltimore Ravens’ fan earned the top grade in the Michigan State University Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing’s list of best commercials during this year’s Super Bowl.

This marked the 16th consecutive year the MSU faculty have rated the Super Bowl commercials.

Taking second place was a Skechers shoe commercial that featured a human and a gazelle teaming up to defeat a cheetah.

“It was a great game for ads,” said Robert Kolt, MSU advertising instructor. “The ads generally scored higher this year. The Tide ad was cute and its timing perfect.”

Third through tenth place included:

  • E-trade baby
  • Coca Cola chase
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Audi prom
  • Volkswagen Jamaican
  • Budweiser baby horse
  • Dodge Ram farmer
  • Speedstick laundromat

The bottom five fumbles were Bridgestone; Pepsi Next; Iron Man III; GoDaddy; and MiO Fit.

Using a five-point grading scale, the 20 voting faculty members rated each commercial based on creativity, production and overall quality.

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