Published: Jan. 5, 2012

Staff profiles: Dan Bayer

Contact(s): Meghan Spork University Relations Student Writer cell: (248) 250-3743

Whether or not you know Dan Bayer personally, chances are you know his voice.

He has worked for WKAR for 30 years and is currently the host and producer of The Dan Bayer Jazz Show. Most notably, Bayer is the voice of WKAR.

Since Bayer has been at WKAR his role has been constantly changing. He holds the positions of producer, announcer and host.

Besides his work producing and hosting The Dan Bayer Jazz Show, Bayer does work for television as well. As the voice of WKAR, he is charged with much of the voice work for WKAR-TV including Kids' Club announcements, community calendars and station identifications. He also does other radio work including jazz and folk calendars, promos and producing underwriting credits.

"I do a little of everything," Bayer said. "I'm not opposed to sweeping the floor occasionally." 

Even though Bayer wears several hats at WKAR, his favorite part of his job is producing his jazz show.

"I enjoy the music, I enjoy being able to bring to the audience local artists," Bayer said.

Bayer has been able to record both local and national artists at venues like the Creole Gallery and the East Lansing Jazz Festival and he tries to get as much local music on the air as possible.