Published: Sept. 8, 2011

Staff profiles: Tim Bograkos

Contact(s): Erica Shekell Office of Communications and Brand Strategy

As the young alumni coordinator for the MSU Alumni Association, Tim Bograkos' job is to connect students to alumni.

"We have over 120 alumni clubs around the country that are already set up to help them get acquainted into the communities they're moving into and helping with jobs and networking," Bograkos said. "My job is to connect everybody."

Bograkos works with the alumni engagement group in the Student Alumni Foundation to increase students' awareness of the resources and networking opportunities these alumni clubs can provide, as well as the leadership and professional development seminars that are brought to campus.

One of the professional development programs for students the Student Alumni Foundation provides is called Dinner with Twelve Spartans.

"It's open for our members to sign up, and we bring alums back within their desired career field and have a dinner with them," Bograkos said. "You can ask as many questions as you want, kind of get an idea of the path our alums took to get to where they are right now, and learn some information that can help our students grow in that field."

Students don't realize the number of MSU alumni and alumni clubs that exist around the country, Bograkos said.

"Right now, it's tough with the economy and people feel like there aren't jobs out there, but there is a network that can help with information and connections," he said. "That's what our job is."