Published: July 29, 2010

Staff profiles: Jaimie Hutchison

Contact(s): Erica Shekell Office of Communications and Brand Strategy

Out of the thousands of people employed at Michigan State University, only about seven have jobs like Jaimie Hutchison’s.

She is one of a handful of field career consultants at MSU and the sole field career consultant for James Madison College. All consultants act as liaisons between the Career Services Network and individual colleges, she explained.

“What I get to do when I work with students is not only get to see what job they’re going to pick out and what school they’re going to attend,” she said, “but I get to see who they’re going to be as human beings.”

Hutchison works one-on-one with students writing résumés and cover letters, researching graduate and law schools, and choosing new jobs. She also runs workshops for small groups of students on topics such as professionalism and etiquette.

“It’s really inspiring to see all of the great things that students are doing and the effort they’re putting in to making our country and our world a better place,” said Hutchison, who has worked at MSU for almost two years. 

As part of the Career Services network, Hutchison collaborates with her fellow field career consultants to hold career fairs and other student events.

“We don’t stand alone; we stand together,” Hutchison said, “and that’s really beneficial to the students.”


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