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Dale Belman
  • Dale Belman
  • Minimum wage, unions, labor relations and right to work
  • California and New York will raise their minimum wage to $15 in coming years, and the activists who spearheaded those controversial efforts are setting their sites on other states. Dale Belman, a Michigan State University professor, literally wrote the book on the minimum wage: "What Does the Minimum Wage Do?" He can speak to the current efforts to raise the minimum wage.
Mahesh Nalla
  • Mahesh Nalla
  • Domestic violence and sexual crimes in emerging democracies, security guard industry and India
Brian Kalt
  • Brian Kalt
  • Supreme Court, constitutional law, medical ethics, tort reform and juries
Joshua Cowen
  • Joshua Cowen
  • Teacher unions, school choice, vouchers, high-stakes testing and teacher quality