Published: Oct. 3, 2014

Raising awareness for breast cancer

Contact(s): Melissa Jegla MSU HealthTeam office: 517-432-3101

breast cancer awareness license plateIt's estimated that 40,000 women in the United States will die of breast cancer this year. Because early detection is the key to survival, First Lady Sue Snyder, Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, the Michigan Department of Community Health and Michigan State University HealthTeam are partnering to raise awareness around the importance of breast cancer screening.

On Oct. 3 at MSU's Breslin Cancer Center, the ”pink ribbon” license plate was launched.

Available at Michigan Secretary of State offices, the license plate features the pink ribbon, widely known as the symbol for breast cancer awareness, along with an important screening message at the bottom of the plate that reads “Early Detection Saves Lives.”

A portion of the proceeds from license plate sales will go toward MDCH’s breast cancer screening services program to ensure that eligible women in underserved populations have access to this important, and possibly life-saving, health resource. In 2013, more than 29,000 Michigan women received screenings through the program.

“Early detection and intervention is critical to breast cancer survival," said Anas Al-Janadi, an MSU hematologist oncologist and medical director at the cancer center. "The awareness and funding for screenings that this new license plate provides will positively impact the health of Michigan residents for generations to come.”

The Breslin Cancer Center provides services to women through the MDCH's breast cancer screening program.

“As a breast cancer survivor myself, I know just how vital early detection of breast cancer is to survival,” First Lady Sue Snyder said. “I’m proud to stand alongside our Secretary of State and health officials in taking this step to support screenings for women. Early detection saves lives and I am confident this new license plate will make a difference for women across Michigan.”

Susan Moran, senior deputy director of the Public Health Administration, Michigan Department of Community Health Anas Al-Janadi, medical director for MSU HealthTeam Breslin Cancer Center; Ruth Johnson, secretary of state; Sue Snyder, first lady of Michigan and breast cancer survivor; and Glenn Anderson, state senator, unveil the new Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate on Oct. 3, 2014. Photo by Derrick L. Turner

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