List of Experts

Hamilton, StephenProfessor of Ecosystem Ecology and BiogeochemistryAquatic ecosystems including wetlands, streams, rivers, floodplains
Hamm, MikeC. S. Mott chair in sustainable agriculture
Hamm, JosephAssistant ProfessorTrust in governmental entities; trustworthiness; legitimacy; law and society
Hamm, LarryProfessor; director, Food Industry Management ProgramDebt and credit markets, strategic management, market intelligence
Han, EileenAssistant ProfessorDigital culture and social media in China, society and culture in contemporary China, collective memory, Chinese diaspora, social activism, global communication
Hancock, JamesProfessor of HorticultureBlueberries, strawberries, breeding
Hanshew, KarrinAssistant professor of historyHolocaust; persecution; genocide
Harding, Jamesinstructor and outreach specialistturtles, snakes, Michigan amphibian and reptile species
Harris, CraigAssociate professor of sociologySocial dimensions of food safety; genetically engineered food and drugs; pest managment; fisheries
Hart-Davidson, WilliamAssistant Professor, co-director of Writing in Digital Envrionments (WIDE) Research Centeronline learning; digital writing; digital rhetoric; professional writing; technical writing
Hashsham, SyedAssociate professor of civil and environmental engineeringDrinking water; wastewater; biosecurity; infectious disease
Hassan, Salah Muslims in the U.S.; Arab-Americans; Arab World culture and politics; Islam
Hauck, JanetAssistant ProfessorHealth Behaviors; Physical Activity; Autism; Down syndrome
Havlichek, Jr., DanielProfessor of medicine and microbiologyInfectious diseases including H1N1; HIV; disease outbreaks
Hawthorne, WalterChairperson and professorSlavery; Atlantic slave trade, digital history
Heeter, CarrieProfessor of telecommunication, information studies and mediaComputer and video games; serious games; gender computer games
Hefner, JosephAssistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Environmental ScienceForensic anthropology; anthropology; race; human variation; ancestry
Hickox, StacyAssociate Professor in School of Human Resources and Labor RelationsEmployment law; labor law; disability rights
Hollenbeck, JohnUniversity Distinguished ProfessorTeam decision making and performance; self-regulation theories of work motivation; employee separation and acquisition processes
Holt, ThomasProfessorCybercrime; cybersecurity; identity theft
Holtz, BreeAssistant Professor
Hoppenstand, GaryProfessor and associate dean of undergraduate academic affairsLiterature, popular culture; film; American studies; fantasy fiction
Houle, ChristianAssistant professorDemocracy; regime change; civil wars; political instability; inequality; redistribution; social mobility
Howarth, JoanDeanSame-sex marriage, gender law, constitutional law
Huddleston, PatriciaProfessor of advertising and public relationsE-commerce; new democracies and retailing; shopping attitudes

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