List of Experts

Cobbina, JenniferAssociate professorCorrections; recidivism; connection between race, crime and policing
Colasanti, KathrynAcademic Specialist
Cole, RickProfessor and chairperson of advertising, public relations and retailingAdvertising; public relations
Collins, KathyDirector, Residence Education and Housing ServicesStudent affairs; residence life; student housing
Conner-Warren, RhondaAssistant ProfessorPublic health; vaccinations; health-risk behaviors in teens
Cook, LisaAssociate professor of economics and international relationsU.S. economy and markets; Detroit; global markets; euro zone; innovation and intellectual property; developing economies
Cooper, DavidProfessor of writing, rhetoric and American culturesPublic culture; rhetoric; social photography; writing; humanities
Costner, ConnieChildren, Youth, Families & Communities Program LeaderConsumer credit, mortgage and foreclosure issues
Coursaris, ConstantinosAssistant professor of telecommunication, information studies and mediaE-commerce; Web accessibility and usability; human-computer interaction
Covassin, TraceyAssociate ProfessorAthletics; Injuries; Concussions
Cowen, JoshuaAssociate professorTeacher unions; school choice; vouchers; high-stakes testing; teacher quality
Cregg, BertAssociate professorHorticulture industry trends, carbon sequestration by trees. AgBioResearch scientist.
Croson, RachelFoundation Professor of Economics; dean of the College of Social ScienceNegotiation and bargaining; behavioral economics; mediation and arbitration; cross-cultural negotiation; gender differences in negotiation; negotiating your job offer; negotiating within the family
Dale, BruceProfessor of chemical engineering and materials scienceBiotechnology; biofuels; energy
Darden, JoeProfessor of geographyUrban affairs; racial inequality; racial protests (including those in Ferguson)
DeJong, ChristinaAssociate professorHomicide; genocide; international crimes against humanity; domestic violence; sexual assault; violence against women
Demaagd, KurtAssistant professor of telecommunication, information studies and mediaThe Internet; communication technologies; online communities
Detjen, JimDirector of Knight Center for Environmental Journalism; professor of journalismEnvironmental journalism; new media
Dewhurst, KurtDirector of Arts and Cultural InitiativesArts, Humanities, Museums
Dietz, ThomasDirector, ESPPClimate change; human driving forces of environmental change; science and environmental policy
Donahue, MeganProfessorGalaxies, stars, galaxy formation
Donnellan, BrentAssociate professorPersonalities, personality disorders
Dorsett, JamesDirectorInternational students; international education
Douglas, SarahAssistant professorEarly childhood intervention; Children with disabilities;
Drake, CoreyAssociate professorTeacher preparation, teacher quality and evaluation

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