List of Experts

Busch, LawrenceUniversity Distinguished Professor of Sociology; founding director of the Center for the Study of Standards in SocietyFood safety policy; agricultural standards; biotechnology policy; standards; certifications; accreditations; governance
Campa, Henry "Rique"ProfessorGraduate education; teaching
Campbell, RebeccaProfessorSexual assault, violence against women
Candeub, AdamDirector of the Intellectual Property, Information and Comunications Law ProgramIntellectual property; communications law; criminal law
Cantwell, BrendanAssistant professorHigher education; academic rankings; higher education governance and policy
Carrington, PeterAssistant CuratorGiant hogweed edible plants toxic plants
Carter, DavidProfessor of criminal justice; director of Intelligence ProgramPolicing; crime; law enforcement intelligence
Carter-Johnson, JenniferAssistant professor of lawIntellectual property licensing, trademark law, patent law, property law, biotechnology and the law
Cavanagh, CaitlinAssistant Professor of Criminal JusticeJuvenile justice; adolescent development; legal socialization; families and law
Certo, JanineAssistant professorPoetry
Chandra, SiddharthDirectorAsia, East Asia
Chang, Soo-EunAssistant ProfessorClinical application of functional neuroimaging
Chang, Chia-ChengProfessorstem cells
Chaudhuri, SomaAssistant professorViolence against women; South Asia including India
Cheng, BettyProfessor of computer science and engineeringComputer systems safety; homeland security; medical and automotive information systems
Chermak, SteveProfessorDomestic terrorism; white supremacists; media coverage of crime
Ching, KarenAssistant professorBreast cancer; surgery
Cho, HyunkagAssistant professorRisk factors of mass shootings; domestic violence; mental health services among minority victims of domestic abuse
Chomiuk, LauraAstronomerNovae, supernovae, gamma rays
Chopik, WilliamAssistant professorRelationships; empathy; optimism; love and romantic attachment; mental health
Chudgar, AmitaAssociate professorInternational education; educational policy; educational equity
Cibelli, JoseProfessor of Animal Science and of Physiologystem cells
Cichy, RonaldDirector and professor of hospitality businessManaging for quality; emotionally intelligent leadership; service; and leadership essentials
Clay, DanProfessor and Director, Global Programs in Sustainable Agri-food Systemsfood security; export market development; science and technology; agricultural policy
Closs, DavidThe John H. McConnell Chair in Business Administration; professor of marketing and supply chain managementLogistics strategy; inventory/forecasting management; computer decision support systems; management information systems

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