List of Experts

Abbasi, FarhaAssistant ProfessorCultural psychiatry; mental health and the election, Muslim mental health, terrorism
Abramovitch, RobertAssistant ProfessorTuberculosis research; Drug discovery
Adami, ChrisProfessorEvolution, artificial life, black holes, information theory, computational biology
Adelaja, SojiJohn A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in land policyWind power; renewable energy; water preservation
Aerni-Flessner, JohnAssistant professorLesotho, Southern African history, Development history, Borders in Africa, Decolonization, Malcolm X in Lansing
Aguwa, MargaretProfessor of family and community medicineBreast cancer; breast cancer education; medical education
Ahlin, ChristianAssociate professorMicrofinance
Albers, BobSenior Video Specialistfilmmaking, documentary production,
Aldasouqi, SalehAssociate Professor of Medicine
Alegi, PeterProfessorSoccer, FIFA, global sports
Alocilja, EvangelynAssociate professorSensors and nano-biosensor devices for biodefense, health diagnostics and therapeutics
Alumit Zeldes, GeriAssociate Professor
Amada, StephanieAssistant ProfessorWomen, Sexuality, Hookup Culture
Amalfitano, AndreaOsteopathic Heritage Foudation Endowed Professor of PediatricsRare diseases; Pompe disease
Anderson, StevenDirector and professorPoverty; social services; social welfare policy and politics
Anderson, CharlesProfessor of teacher educationScientific and environmental literarcy; science education
Anderson, GaryProfessor of social workChild welfare
Anderson, RobertProfessor Emeritusbiblical references and history; Samaritan population
Andresen, JeffreyProfessor of geographyMeteorology and climatology
Aronoff, YaelSerling Chair in Israel Studies, director of the Jewish Studies Program and associate professor of international relationsIsraeli-Palestinian conflict; Israeli politics, society and culture; international relations; U.S. foreign policy
Arsen, DavidProfessor of K-12 educational administrationSchool funding; school choice; school district building projects
Ayoob, MohammedUniversity Distinguished Professor emeritus of international relationsInternational Relations; Middle East; Muslim issues
Baldwin, JackProfessor of physics and astronomyearly formation of galaxies; planetary nebulae
Ballard, CharlesProfessor of economics; director of State of the State SurveyEconomy and politics; income inequality; trade reform; tax and expenditure policy; state and local public finance
Basso, BrunoEcosystems scientist

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