John Aerni-Flessner

John Aerni-Flessner
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Lesotho, Southern African history, Development history, Borders in Africa, Decolonization and Malcolm X in Lansing

Assistant professor


Aerni-Flessner is a historian of 20th century African history, specializing in the history of Lesotho. His research focuses on how people grappled with the idea of independence in mid-20th century Africa, and how they came to terms with their changing relations to the state during the decolonization process. He studies big ideas like nationalism, slavery, sport/leisure and development. Aerni-Flessner's first book examines the relationship between development and independence in Lesotho. It also looks at transnational aid flows and how resistance to apartheid manifested in states surrounding South Africa.

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Aerni-Flessner writes contemporary political commentary, primarily for southern African news magazine sites such as the Mail, Guardian and the Daily Maverick.