Anderson, CharlesProfessor of teacher educationScientific and environmental literarcy; science education
Battle, JenniferAssistant directorSustainability; environment; campus sustainability
Detjen, JimDirector of Knight Center for Environmental Journalism; professor of journalismEnvironmental journalism; new media
Dietz, ThomasDirector, ESPPClimate change; human driving forces of environmental change; science and environmental policy
M. McCright, AaronAssociate professor of sociologyClimate change, environment
McCormick, JustinAssociate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies; Director of Carcinogenesis LaboratoryCancer; Environmental Carcinogens; Biochemical Toxicology
Melnyk, StevenProfessor of supply chain managementSupply chain management; sustainability and the supply chain; environmentally responsible manufacturing
Mitchell, JadeAssistant Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural EngineeringBiosystems, Water Contamination, Environmental Pathogenic Agents
Norris, PatriciaGuyer Seevers Chair in Natural Resource ConservationWater resources, natural resource conservation, environmental and natural resource governance; sustainability and engagement
Trosko, JamesProfessorHuman adult stem cells, human cancer research, genetics, environmental health impact, food safety, aging
Valles, SeanAssistant ProfessorClimate change, environment, ethics, philosophy
Voice, ThomasProfessor of civil and environmental engineeringEnvironmental contamination; water treatment; industrial waste