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Jennifer Neal
  • Jennifer Neal
  • K-12 education, social networks, psychology, peer networks and
  • Reports have recently surfaced that Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the 17-year old school shooter in Santa Fe, Texas, may have recently experienced a form of peer rejection. While many school shooters have been described as isolated and rejected by peers, there is no clear indication that peer rejection is a cause of school shootings, says Jennifer Neal, who can discuss how peer social networks are associated with their aggressive behavior.
Brian Kalt
  • Brian Kalt
  • Supreme Court, constitutional law, medical ethics, tort reform and juries
Russell Lucas
  • Russell Lucas
  • ISIS, Egypt, Middle East, Jordan, Syria, Arabic world, Arabs and politics
John Aerni-Flessner
  • John Aerni-Flessner
  • Lesotho, Southern African history, Development history, Borders in Africa, Decolonization and Malcolm X in Lansing