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to solve the world's biggest challenges

July 24, 2019

About 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day around the world. Now a first-of-its-kind research group at Michigan State University is on a mission to extract meaningful information from immense data sets to create solutions for some of society's biggest challenges.

The Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering’s collaborative environment brings together biologists, engineers, astronomers and mathematicians as well as undergrads and grad students. These researchers create models that help tackle complex problems like researching dying stars so we can understand the origins of matter, mapping Earth’s interior to better predict earthquakes and developing novel ideas in network theory to explain complex diseases.

“When disciplines come together — or even collide — it pushes researchers to look at similar problems in very different ways,” says Arjun Krishnan, assistant professor in the department. “It allows scientists and students to extend their reach, discover new things and be better scientists.”

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