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MSU has shaped the tomorrows of countless Spartans—including you.

We asked what Michigan State University experiences made you who you are today and what words of wisdom you have for new Spartans. Check out some of the inspiring quotes and practical bits of advice you shared.

“Spend as much time growing as a person as you do learning new things.”

“Go out and explore. You might get lost, but finding your way to where you’re supposed to be will be the best education you can get.”

“Expand your worldview by experiencing another culture firsthand.”

“Hard to believe it's been more than nine years since we met on MSU study abroad and almost three since we've been married. Wouldn't change a thing. #MyMSU”

“Eat lots of ice cream at the MSU Dairy Store.”

“Study abroad. Push yourself. Find a career you never knew was possible.”

“Take one class in a subject you think you’re either not good in or won’t like. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself.”

“Take pictures of the campus during all four seasons.”

“Know how lucky you are to be in college and to be a Spartan.”

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