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How will you make tomorrow better?

At Michigan State University, today's work is fueled by our ability to anticipate tomorrow's biggest challenges and to accelerate solutions. And it's inspired by our commitment to making tomorrow what we dream it can be.

How will you make tomorrow better? That question was posed to Spartans during spring 2016 commencement week via four mobile whiteboards displayed in locations across campus. Soon-to-be graduates, along with the rest of the Michigan State University community, were encouraged to share their dreams and plans for tomorrow.

The response was astounding. Expressions of hope, determination, and courage filled the whiteboards from top to bottom—from saving the bees to providing clean drinking water for underdeveloped communities around the world to creating musicals that inspire. They remind us of the difference one Spartan can make and of the awe-inspiring results when Spartans come together.

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