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Star Wars

Just in time for the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Jedi minds at Michigan State University analyze the fictional galaxy far, far away. Take a look you will at Spartan experts as they weigh in on all things “Star Wars”—from film scores to fight scenes and social implications to the science behind it all.

Richard Lunt

Richard Lunt, assistant professor of chemical engineering and materials science in the College of Engineering, is an expert on alternative energy, solar cells and light—and the dark side. Lunt talks the science behind light sabers and the possibility of using them in real life.

Jeff Wray

Jeff Wray, associate professor of film studies and African American literature and culture in the College of Arts and Letters, comments on the new look of the “Star Wars” cast, the diversity of its lead characters and how “The Force Awakens” flips the script on past films in the series.

Christina Traister

Christina Traister, assistant professor of acting and movement in the College of Arts and Letters, is an expert on fight choreography and directing. Traister discusses the mix in fighting styles of the epic “Star Wars” battle scenes as well as how the choreography joins forces with the storyline.

Shannon Schmoll

Shannon Schmoll, director of Abrams Planetarium, is an expert on basic astronomy, naked-eye astronomy, eclipses, constellations and the night sky. While she enjoys the grandeur of the “Star Wars” adventure, Schmoll admits some of the science fizzles out.

Sam Joshua

Sam Joshua, musical arts doctoral candidate in the College of Music, is an expert on the writing, technology and business behind musical composition for film and television. Joshua explains what makes an unforgettable and effective film score and why the symphonic scores of the “Star Wars” films hit all the right notes.

Video by Kevin Epling * Design by Deon Foster