Who can we depend on to tackle the big problems of our time? Push the boundaries of discovery and forge partnerships that lead to better answers? Who will work for the common good with uncommon will? SPARTANS WILL.

The words, "Tomorrow is what we dream it can be." is on a moving water background with a Spartan helmet graphic.
A graphic depiction of Beaumont Tower and Spartan Stadium with the words, "At MSU green is much more than a school color, it's a responsibility. Go green."
Will Langford standing in lobby of Auditorium. The words, "Uncommon Will" are on the photo.
The words, "As Spartans leadership is part of our DNA."
The words, "Move to Your Own Rhythm" are on a moving photo of a panda on his back kicking her legs.
The words, "Grow Where You are Planted" are on a photo of shadowed sunflowers
'Be Different' on photo of honeybee.
Mohammad Khalil and the words, "challenge assumptions."
Torso of Sparty the Mascot with the words, "MSU 1855."
The words "Explore the Universe" are on a background of stars.
The words, "MSU is known for tackling real-world problems, and our research can transform lives."
A man sits atop a hill overlooking a vista with the words, "Gain Perspective" over it.
"Think Ahead of the Curve" on photo of large, curved piece of metal equipment.
"See Things Clearly"on clear piece of glass held up by a hand.
A human hand is high-fiving a dog paw with the words, "Better Together."
"Storyteller " on photo of filmmaker Jeff Wray in front of movie poster.
"Lighter. Faster. Stronger." on photo of glowing box.
Words "'It's not just what we do, but why and how we do it that distinguishes us as Spartans.'"
Photo of researcher Dan Clay in Africa.
"Go to the Ends of the Earth" on photo of IceCube Neutrino Observatory at South Pole.
"Bridge the Gap" on photo of grad student Haobing Zhu playing the piano.
"Live it. Eat it. Breathe it." on green background.
A red push pin pokes into words, "Bust Biases."
"Bright Minds, Bold Future" on photo of two women in front of world map.
"Brain Power" on graphic of people working in a tree that looks like a brain.
"Make Discoveries" on photo of student Irina Pushel holding vials in a lab.
Words: When I first got to MSU I had the visceral realization that I wanted to be phenomenal.
"Follow" is crossed out,text "Be the Leader" with three number 1 graphics.
"Fight for Justice" on photo of professor Rebecca Campbell.
"Soar"on photo of drone in the sky.
"Break the mold" on photo of professor Felicia Wu standing behind a couch.
"My Purpose is Greater Than I Realized" on green background.
"We are Saving Lives" on photo of physicians Terrie Taylor and Karl Seidel examining baby.
'Explore New Depths' displayed above photo of surface of waves from underwater.
'Make Your Mark' on photo of thumbprint.
Photo of man holding binoculars, gazing out ship window.
'Be Unreasonable.' is displayed on photo of Broad Art Museum
'Game Changer: Zapping Nuclear Waste' on photo of MSU microbiologist Gemma Reguera.
Photo of Spartan researcher in greenhouse.
'Make Waves.' on photo of robotic fish in water.
Words "From our beginning, Michigan State has been about opening doors, creating opportunity, and redefining who 'belongs.'"
'Never Give Up.' on photo of MSU psychologist Kelly Klump.
Photo of professor lecturing to group of students.
Photo of man and woman pulling a wheelbarrow through a field.
'Find Your Voice.' on photo of Rodney Whitaker playing the bass.
'Work Hard. Dream Big.' on photo of MSU professor Jim McCusker working in the laser lab.

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