List of Experts

Hassan, Salah Muslims in the U.S.; Arab-Americans; Arab World culture and politics; Islam
Hauck, JanetAssistant ProfessorHealth Behaviors; Physical Activity; Autism; Down syndrome
Havlichek, Jr., DanielProfessor of medicine and microbiologyInfectious diseases including H1N1; HIV; disease outbreaks
Heeter, CarrieProfessor of telecommunication, information studies and mediaComputer and video games; serious games; gender computer games
Hollenbeck, JohnUniversity Distinguished ProfessorTeam decision making and performance; self-regulation theories of work motivation; employee separation and acquisition processes
Holt, ThomasProfessorCybercrime; cybersecurity; identity theft
Holtz, BreeAssistant Professor
Hoppenstand, GaryProfessor and associate dean of undergraduate academic affairsLiterature, popular culture; film; American studies; fantasy fiction
Houle, ChristianAssistant professorDemocracy; regime change; civil wars; political instability; inequality; redistribution; social mobility
Howarth, JoanDeanSame-sex marriage, gender law, constitutional law
Huddleston, PatriciaProfessor of advertising and public relationsE-commerce; new democracies and retailing; shopping attitudes
Hult, TomasDirectorglobal stategy; exporting; international trade; economic development; international business; marketing; supply chain management; public policy
Iezzoni, AmyProfessor of HorticultureTart cherries; cherry trees; plant breeding and genetics
Imberman, ScottAssociate professorEducation policy; teacher merit pay; charter schools; gifted education programs
Ingersoll, BrookeAssociate professorAutism; autism spectrum disorder
Isaacs, RufusProfessor
Jackson, AustinInstructorAfrican-American studies; critical race theory; language and race in U.S. politics
Jacobsen, RebeccaAssociate professor and co-director of the Education Policy CenterEducation politics; education policy; charter schools; school accountability
Jain, AnilUniversity Distinguished Professor of computer science and engineeringPattern recognition; fingerprint matching; face recognition; identification methods for tracking down the suspect in the recent shooting at Charlie Hebdo in Paris.
Jamison, AmyInterim co-director for international research and engagementGender; African higher education; educational policy in Africa; women's studies
Jeitschko, ThomasProfessorAntitrust; consumer protection; mergers; financial markets; securities; telecommunications; price gouging; pricing policies
Johnson, MarkProfessor of practiceCorporate finance; government regulation, firm value
Kalt, BrianThe Harold Norris Faculty Scholar and professor of lawSupreme Court, constitutional law; medical ethics; tort reform; juries
Kaminski, MichelleAssociate professorLabor unions; right-to-work; women and leadership; workplace bullying
Kane, NeilDirectorStartups; venture capital; technology commercialization; small business; SBIRs

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