List of Experts

Mullaney, ThomasProfessorChronic Wasting Disease; Canine Flu; Anatomic and Diagnostic Pathology
Murphy, EdwardAssistant professorLatin America, Chile, state formation, property relations, domesticity, urbanization, political economy
Nalla, MaheshProfessorDomestic violence and sexual crimes in emerging democracies; security guard industry; India
Nassiri, RezaAssistant DeanHIV/AIDS research
Navarrete, CarlosAssistant professorSocial psychology, evolutionary psychology, political psychology, moral psychology
Nawyn, StephanieAssociate professor of sociology; co-director of Center for Gender in Global ContextRefugees; immigration; resettlement; gender
Neal, ZacharyAssistant professorUrban sociology; cities; economic development
Nelson, MichaelAssociate professor of environmental ethics and philosophy
Nicholls, SarahAssociate professorTourism; Travel; Planning; Development
Nichols, JeannieHealth and Nutrition EducatorFood safety, food preservation, norovirus
Norby, BoAssociate ProfessorAntibiotic Resistance; Infectious Diseases
Norris, PatriciaGuyer Seevers Chair in Natural Resource ConservationWater resources, natural resource conservation, environmental and natural resource governance; sustainability and engagement
Nuttall, Amy K.Assistant ProfessorParenting; caregiving; maltreatment
Ochberg, FrankClinical professor of psychiatryPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); Stockholm Syndrome; effects of violence and trauma; spousal abuse; sexual abuse; military PTSD
O'Donnell, Casey
Ogden, Anthony Study abroad; international education
Ogle, KarenProfessor of family medicinePain management; palliative care; end-of-life issues
O'Gorman, JodieChaiperson and associate professorAnthropology; archaeology; Midwest U.S. archaeology
Ogundimu, FoluAssociate Professor
O'Keefe, DanExtension educatorInvasive species
Okolo, CynthiaProfessor of special educationSpecial education; history; learning among students with disabilities
Olsen, DouglasAssociate Professor, Nurse EthicistNursing Ethics
Ostrom, NathanielProfessormicrobiology; oceans; lakes;
Oum, Young RaeAssistant ProfessorNorth Korea, South Korea, Korean Peninsula
Outslay, EdmundProfessor of accounting and information systemsTaxes

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