List of Experts

Abbasi, FarhaAssistant ProfessorCultural psychiatry; mental health and the election, Muslim mental health, terrorism
Abramovitch, RobertAssistant ProfessorTuberculosis research; Drug discovery
Adami, ChrisProfessorEvolution, artificial life, black holes, information theory, computational biology
Adelaja, SojiJohn A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in land policyWind power; renewable energy; water preservation
Aguwa, MargaretProfessor of family and community medicineBreast cancer; breast cancer education; medical education
Ahlin, ChristianAssociate professorMicrofinance
Albers, BobSenior Video Specialistfilmmaking, documentary production,
Aldasouqi, SalehAssociate Professor of Medicine
Alegi, PeterProfessorSoccer, FIFA, global sports
Alocilja, EvangelynAssociate professorSensors and nano-biosensor devices for biodefense, health diagnostics and therapeutics
Alumit Zeldes, GeriAssociate Professor
Amada, StephanieAssistant ProfessorWomen, Sexuality, Hookup Culture
Anderson, StevenDirector and professorPoverty; social services; social welfare policy and politics
Anderson, CharlesProfessor of teacher educationScientific and environmental literarcy; science education
Anderson, RobertProfessor Emeritusbiblical references and history; Samaritan population
Anderson, GaryProfessor of social workChild welfare
Andresen, JeffreyProfessor of geographyMeteorology and climatology
Aronoff, YaelDirector of the Jewish Studies Program, Serling Chair in Israel Studies and associate professor of international relationsIsraeli-Palestinian conflict; Israeli politics, society and culture; international relations; U.S. foreign policy
Arsen, DavidProfessor of K-12 educational administrationSchool funding; school choice; school district building projects
Ayoob, MohammedUniversity Distinguished Professor emeritus of international relationsInternational Relations; Middle East; Muslim issues
Baldwin, JackProfessor of physics and astronomyearly formation of galaxies; planetary nebulae
Ballard, CharlesProfessor of economics; director of State of the State SurveyEconomy and politics; income inequality; trade reform; tax and expenditure policy; state and local public finance
Basso, BrunoEcosystems scientist
Battle, JenniferAssistant directorSustainability; environment; campus sustainability
Bauer, WolfgangChairperson, Department of Physics and Astronomy; professorChaos and non-linear dynamics; nuclear and heavy ion reaction theory

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