From the editor: Knock, knock

“You know, I bet I could have been a gymnast if I had the chance to take lessons,” I told my husband the other night while we watched the incredible, gravity defying routines of the U.S. gymnastics team. (Seriously, how do they do that?) “Yep, you might have mentioned that once or twice — or more,” he responded. Then I got up off the couch, twisted my back, cracked my knee, tripped over the dog, slipped on the floor and almost dropped my empty gelato dish. OK, so maybe not.Maybe that wasn’t a missed opportunity and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I might not have a gold medal, but I have had a lifetime of golden opportunities. I grew up in a great family, had a wonderful education, became a Spartan, worked for Congress, became a mother, live in a fantastic community and have traveled the world. And those are just the highlights. The trick is to take advantage of every opportunity presented, even if it’s challenging. Look for them everywhere and if you can’t clearly see them — look harder. You never know where a random opportunity might take you.

That’s the great thing about MSU — opportunity is everywhere you look. Students can study practically anything and find their passion. They can mix it up and study different disciplines. They can join countless activities and study abroad. They can be mentored by world-class researchers and perform their own research. They can work hard, have fun, volunteer, change lives and improve the world. For Spartans, success is a given because opportunities are around every corner.