From the editor: Fighting through the cold

Ugh. I avoided it for a long time. Then it hit me – the turtle flu. What’s the turtle flu you ask? It’s what a bunch of my colleagues call the crud that’s going around the office, otherwise known as the common cold. It’s not a real affliction by any means, just a nickname that stuck. Last year, when a colleague came down with a nasty cold, somehow she said something about liking turtles and somehow that morphed into catching her cold from a turtle, and that morphed into the turtle flu and it stuck. I blame the fact that most of us were on cold medicine at the time.

Whatever the case, the turtle flu came calling at my office again this year. First it hit one person, then three, and then six. It’s like we’re a kindergarten class all touching the same toys. Our toys just aren’t as much fun and we don’t get naptime. We’re all careful. We wash our hands, we stay home when we’re really feeling poorly, but somehow, there’s no escaping it. The turtle flu is back with a vengeance. We’re using up twice the Kleenex, our voices are an octave lower, sneezes echo in the halls and the smell of cough drops wafts through the air. Hey, at least we’re in it together.

But I’m not complaining (well, not too much). The common cold, while never pleasant, usually leaves after a week or so and then I’ll be back to feeling fine. It’s a minor inconvenience, but certainly not a major health crisis.