From the editor: I got nothing

I got nothing. I’m tapped out, dried up and without an original thought in my head. For the past two years, I’ve sat down at my computer every week (except two) to bang out an editor’s note that projects some sort of theme and ties current features together. I’ve written 102 of them about everything from commencement and research to chocolate and falling out of my chair. Some weeks are more challenging than others (like connecting jelly beans, math, medical school and a nun) but I’ve always managed to pull together something that (hopefully) makes sense — until now.

Maybe I’m tired or overworked. Maybe I can’t focus because my office is currently a chilly 60 degrees. Maybe I need a vacation. Or chocolate. Whatever the case, I’m out. Consider this my Seinfeld edition — a column about nothing. Somehow I’ve lost my focus and my thoughts are all scattered. I’m not sure what to blame, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Maybe it was the fact that I got stung by a wasp this weekend and was left with a swollen, itchy finger. A few years ago I had my first localized allergic reaction and was horrified to find out that you actually get MORE allergic each time you're stung — and that was two stings ago. I’m well on my way to an epipen, I’m sure. I have a colleague who says he’s never been stung. How is that even possible?