From the editor: Out of nowhere

Oomph! There was that feeling. It came out of nowhere when I least expected it. You know the one—the one that feels like someone hit you in the stomach and all your air escaped, even though no one physically touched you.

Maybe it happened because a smell reminded you of someone you’ve lost and grief swung back and hit you hard, even if the loss was years ago. Or maybe it happened when a song on the radio took you back to a time you were hurt by someone, and that same feeling came rushing back. Or maybe it even happened when you were teased with spring and then woke up to yet another morning with snow. (Really? Can we please be done now?)

It’s those things that happen when we least expect them that can take your breath away and knock you off kilter. They can stop your day cold and steal moments of happiness. Often, it takes some time, and maybe a few tears, to get past it, gather yourself and get back into the swing of things.

My day at work had been pretty unremarkable. I was doing what I normally do, writing, editing, managing the MSUToday website, coordinating content and putting together editorial calendars. Part of all of that includes finding and editing Faculty Voices for this page.