From the editor: What if?

What if? This question often creeps into my wandering mind in strange ways. What if my aunt had fixed up my dad with someone other than my mom? I wouldn’t be here. What if I hadn’t literally run into my husband on the street that day? We might not have started dating and I wouldn’t have the daughter I do. What if my French teacher had assigned someone else to carry my books when I was on crutches? I would have missed out on meeting one of my best friends. What if hadn’t gotten that job in Lansing? I wouldn’t have met the woman who much later told me about a job opening at MSU and I wouldn’t be writing this. Then there’s the scariest what if—what if the whole line of events that had to happen for me to end up with my defibrillator hadn’t? I try not to think about the answer to that one very much.

Different timing, decisions, actions and even luck could have sent my life down a completely different path than the one I’ve been on. Is there such a thing as fate? Are we all meant to do what we’re meant to do? I honestly have no idea and it kind of boggles my mind when I start to think about it too much.