From the editor: Different is good

They sit just outside my office. They come from small towns without stoplights, the largest city in the state and places in-between. One even calls Canada home. They’re majoring in advertising, media and information, journalism, political science, and sustainable parks, recreation and tourism. They’re from different backgrounds and races. Their ages vary and they’re at different stages of their college careers. They’re extroverts and introverts. They have different likes, dislikes, goals and experiences. They’re part of different organizations and religions. Yet, it’s not their differences that they focus on or even notice, but the fact that they are all Spartans that unites them.

They’re also united by the fact that they are all student interns in our office this semester. Oh yeah, and every single one of them is pretty amazing. They’re smart, dedicated, creative, responsible and tireless. They carry heavy class loads, work multiple jobs, are always willing to pitch in and aren’t afraid to try something new. And while each one is unique, it’s those differences that make them stronger as a team – just like the entire Spartan Nation. Our individual strengths are impressive, but collectively we have the power to make an incredible change for good.

I love listening to them throughout the day. They don’t even realize they’re learning about the world as they learn about each other. I’ve heard them discussing home, family, classes, other opportunities, studying abroad, motivation, stocks and bonds, tattoos, positive attitudes and what’s appropriate to wear to a Catholic wedding. They were strangers when they started, but the mere fact that they’re all Spartans gave them a built-in kinship.