From the editor: Looking for my mojo

Yep. It’s gone. Somehow, I have completely lost my mojo. You know, that special thing that keeps you on track, makes you creative, motivates you and basically helps you kick butt in all you do? I’m not sure if mine is just on summer vacation or if it hopped on a bus and headed out of town. I’m hoping my mojo is just hiding nearby and I’ll be able to find it shortly.

I notice its absence mostly at work. I sit down to write something and I can barely string words together that make any sense. I go to a brainstorm meeting and my normally wildly active mind that spews ideas out like a volcano lies dormant. I stare at my computer screen and have to will my fingers to wake up and type. This is so unlike me. I’m normally a very creative and productive person who works at warp speed. (I know I’m creative because many Buzzfeed quizzes have told me so.)

The other day I was on a conference call with some colleagues at Northwestern. They heard me give a presentation at a conference earlier this summer and wanted to talk with me some more. I absolutely love doing this kind of thing. Some people hate public speaking – I would do it every day of my life if I could. And yet, on that call, I felt like blathering idiot who was talking a lot but not saying much of anything. Yep. My mojo has clearly left the building.