From the editor: Where is everyone?

Although it happens every May, it still always takes me by surprise when I drive to work and campus is empty and quiet — like eerily so. One day there are tens of thousands of students hustling to class, and then suddenly – nothing. No bikes, no mopeds, no hordes at the crosswalks – it’s like some sort of apocalypse happened overnight.

Most of the 50,000 students have abandoned campus for someplace else this summer. They might be at an internship in Chicago, studying abroad in Beijing, vacationing in New York, working the line in Grand Rapids, doing community service in Detroit, or simply spending time with their family wherever home may be.

Throughout my career, I’ve often been asked if I get the summers off. Uh, nope. Even with the students gone, there is plenty of important work going on in East Lansing. Research and discovery never stops. Innovation and creativity doesn’t take the summer off. Spartans never really take a break when they’re working for a better tomorrow. So, my job telling those stories never quits either. But that’s cool – the world is a much better place when Spartans keep on working.