From the editor: 'Tis the season

“We’re looking for a Fraser fir taller than 10 feet.” It’s how we start the conversation every single year at the Christmas tree farm we’ve been going to for more than a decade. That’s always followed up with, “Oh right, you’re the people who used to take home giant trees in a convertible.”

Yep. That was us. The crazy people who carted home trees, sometimes 14-feet tall, stuffed into the back of a Camaro SS convertible. It was part of our tradition. We’d cut down a ginormous tree, get it drilled and wrapped and then stuffed into the car’s passenger seat. One of us would drive it home while the other would follow behind in our other car.

People stared, took pictures and laughed. I like to think it was our way of bringing a little holiday cheer to the community. It’s fun that even years after selling that car and using an appropriate Jeep instead, people still remember our tradition as strongly as we do. That’s the great thing about traditions – even when they change, the memories never leave.