From the editor: A thankful heart

Ahh…Thanksgiving. The day Americans have put aside to stuff ourselves silly, watch football and, oh yeah, give thanks for what we have. As you sit down at your feast tomorrow, you might give thanks for a turkey that’s not dry or gravy that isn’t lumpy. You might give thanks that you’re not sitting next to your drunk uncle—or maybe that you are. Chances are likely that you’ll also give thanks for the things that really matter—family, friends, love, freedom and health.

This year, I’m especially grateful just to be here. After going through a serious cardiac event last January and having my life saved by my defibrillator, just being here is a very good thing. I’m thankful for my device, my MSU-trained doctor, the U-M hospital system, nurses, technology, research—the list goes on and on. Without any one of those things, my outcome would have been completely different.