From the editor: Rubber meets the road

When will I see the road again? I mean, this stretch of bitterly cold, snowy weather makes me exhausted. Even the short drive to work is treacherous as the roads are covered in ice and snow. We had a quick reprieve last week when, surprisingly, the temperature shot up to 57 degrees – just long enough to melt things into a slushy mess. And then, on Old Man Winter’s cue, the temps plummeted again turning the roads, once again, into ice rinks.

Luckily, this week’s road trips have been a lot better than they were earlier this winter. I finally got new tires on my little car which is like driving a completely different vehicle. I have low profile tires to start with, but until last week, they were soft, summer tires – not exactly what you want on these roads. I honestly felt like I was bambi on icejust hovering across the road with zero traction. I was always super careful and usually the slowest car on the road, but seriously, my poor little car was basically like Bambi.

I consider myself a pretty experienced driver. I’ve been behind the wheel of every kind of vehicle, including high-powered sports cars, compacts, SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks and even a 15-passenger van (complete with beeping back up warning) across the plains of Iowa.