From the editor: Social (science) butterfly

Well that’s it. Somehow I’ve become “the old guy” in the office. I mean, technically I’m not a guy and I certainly don’t think I’m old, but I’ve been around longer than almost everyone else. There are a few others who started here before me, but not many. One of my colleagues retired last week after 30 years of service to MSU. Now, I’m not close to being here that long, but with him leaving, I move up into “old guy” territory. It really seems like only yesterday I was nervously riding the elevator to fourth floor of Olds Hall starting my first day.

Everyone is nervous at a new job, but I was especially anxious because I wasn’t sure I’d fit in with a room full of former journalists. Every other person on the media team had a journalism degree and had worked as a reporter. I was walking in with a psychology degree and zero journalism experience. It’s true, I had written news releases and worked with the media in my former congressional jobs, but I still felt a bit like an outsider.

I shouldn’t have worried. Armed with a degree from MSU’s College of Social Science and my congressional staff experience, I was well prepared for anything tossed my way. When you think about it, the social sciences and the study of human behavior impact pretty much every facet of life.