From the editor: Earth Day, every day

“I just can’t imagine a lake you can’t see across.” That was the comment from my daughter’s boyfriend while we were visiting her in New York City and talking about their upcoming trip to Michigan. He has grown up in Brooklyn and has been to the ocean, but never one of the Great Lakes. I’ve heard that from plenty of people who have never been to the Mitten State. For me, I never even thought about it before – the Great Lakes have always just been a part of home. They were beautiful, cold and fun to swim in, but I never fully appreciated them until I saw a lot more of the world.

Just a few weekends ago I got my Great Lakes fix when I visited my sister in Frankfort, Michigan. There’s simply something magical about digging your feet into the sand and watching the waves crash into shore. I could feel my stress and worries washing out with the spray as the tides rolled back into the deep water. For all the material things I own, there is nothing that beats Mother Nature for raising the spirits and calming the soul.

I’ve been helping my daughter and her boyfriend plan their upcoming trip. I practically insisted that they visit Sleeping Bear Dunes. It didn’t take much to convince them. Like I said, he’s been in the Big Apple his whole life and is ready to see some Michigan nature at its best.