From the editor: That’s how the cookie crumbles

Wednesday? It’s really only Wednesday? Are you absolutely sure? I was thinking exactly that as I got on the elevator when a coworker sighed and said, “And it’s only Wednesday.” So, apparently, I’m not the only one who feels like this week should be over. It just seems like this week has already had enough minor mishaps in it to fill seven days.

It started Sunday evening when I burned a tray of cookies. Then, I painted my nails and proceeded to run into the door frame smudging three of them beyond repair. As I made my way into the building Monday morning, my watch notified me the battery was low, meaning when I thought it had been charging overnight, it actually hadn’t been. Five minutes later my watch was dead. (I’m estimating the time, because, well, obviously…)

I had baked the cookies as a treat to my colleagues to celebrate the start of the #MSURoadTrip. I originally made some for a super fun photo shoot, but not everyone got one the previous week so I thought I’d make some more. Well, about an hour into the day (again, estimating because, dead watch) I proceeded to pick up the carrier, which I hadn’t locked, and dropped the entire thing on the floor of the office