From the editor: Summer’s last gasp

OK, so maybe summer isn’t really over. I know last week I said it was, but judging by the forecast of temperatures in the mid-80s this weekend, it looks like it still has some life left. Put away the long pants and cute boots for now and slide back into shorts and sandals. Hit the beach or the pool on Saturday and enjoy the last few gasps of warm weather and sunshine. I know that’s my plan. I do love fall, especially on this gorgeous campus, but I can never get enough of summer.

While I didn’t take a real vacation this summer, I did spend a fair amount of time enjoying the outdoors here in East Lansing with some quick day trips to other beautiful Michigan spots. I worked hard during the week putting in plenty of extra hours on some major projects showcasing incredible Spartans and the important work they do, but I took advantage of every warm evening and brilliant weekend. Hiking, biking, swimming and reading on my deck made my days feel like a vacation.

What did you do this summer? While we highlighted the work some Spartans did this summer on our Great State Road Trip, we couldn’t possibly cover everything. In fact, with more than half a million living Spartan alumni plus current students, staff and faculty, we really only brought you the tiniest bit of the impact Spartans are making. Truth be told, the power of Spartans is a force to behold. Every day Spartans are doing incredible things and making this world a better place for all of us.