From the editor: #Winning

Ouch. I sat in the stands at Spartan Stadium last Saturday and that was the word that came to mind as the team suffered yet another ugly loss on the field. Wow, what a difference a year makes, huh? As exciting as last season was, this season has been filled with disappointment. I didn’t expect the fall to come so quickly, but here we are with a record I don’t think anyone predicted. But, like true Spartans, we dust ourselves off and get back to work. Failure happens, but it doesn’t in any way define us.

Last year, our winning football season and trip to the playoffs put us squarely in the national spotlight. People all around the country talked about Spartan grit and determination. They extolled our never-give-up attitude. They praised a team that pulled together and found ways to win even when the odds were against us. They praised the Spartans for bold moves and creative solutions. Guess what? Even though our football team is having a bad season, those words still fit us and always will. Team MSU, the Spartan nation, this university – that’s exactly who we are.