From the editor: Virtual Power

It happened when I was scoring the winning goal in a soccer game…I was delivering a roundhouse kick to a man trying to steal an old woman’s purse…I blocked a shot while warming up with the Red Wings. Any of those would be great stories to explain my recent injury. But no, it’s nothing that exciting. You see, only I could break my toe in a baking accident. (Technically, it’s not actually broken, but for all the pain and ugly colors, it might as well be.) A baking accident you ask? Yes. Here’s some advice — it’s probably not smart to start baking cookies at 11 p.m. In my haste, I managed to pull an entire drawer of baking pans onto my big toe. Not just the pans — the actual wooden drawer too. Ouch.

I should have been ready for it. I mentioned in my column last week that I once had been on crutches. That same day I had a conversation about how I always wear heels because I’m short. And I ordered a new pair of great dress boots online. Remember I also mentioned I have a bit of “the shining?” Apparently I also have the ability to curse myself. I found myself on crutches (again) for a few days, in a walking boot for a few more and not able to wear my heels or my new cute boots for a little while longer. All thanks to a batch of caramel apple cheesecake cookies I was making for a staff gathering. And yes, I did make those cookies — Spartans Will and all that.

My daughter was sympathetic, but not really surprised. She’s kind of used to me being a bit of a klutz.