From the editor: It takes all kinds

Guess what? I’m an extrovert. To anyone who knows me at all, that is hardly a shocking statement. My family teases me about making friends with strangers who are only asking for directions and I was voted most talkative in my high school class. I love public speaking and being in a group is fun for me. So, I didn’t really need any test to tell me I’m an extrovert.

That said, a couple of coworkers and I decided to take an online Myers-Briggs personality test just for fun. The results and coordinating profiles were pretty spot on. As we shared our results, it was almost scary how accurate a lot of it was. Though we work together and are friends, we’re all very different people. Some of us are more rational (not me), some of us are emotional (um, yep), some of us need order (ha!) and some of us crave a free flow of new ideas (without question). Yet, put us together and we make a really incredible team.

Our differing personalities complement each other and when woven together get the job done. The creative types need people to ground them. The numbers people need others to come up with ideas. Each one of us is important to the team, but together is where we really shine. Bottom line is we need each other and we need to be different.