From the editor: What's next?

I got on the elevator the other day and the other occupant, who also works in the building, asked, “Three or four? I always forget which floor you’re on,” as he reached to press the buttons. Heck, half the time I forget too. See, our office works on both, and I’m constantly running between the two as I collaborate with coworkers (which was fun while my knee healed). Plus, I’ve actually had offices on both floors. In fact, I’ve moved my office 10 times during my tenure here. Yes, 10 times – yesterday being the most recent relocation. I’m not sure if people are trying to get rid of me, or trying to get me near them. It’s probably a tossup.

This move made my first venture to the west side of the building and I’m a bit discombobulated. For years I’ve gotten off the elevator and turned right. I’ve always used the east side of the split stairwell. My brain is so trained to do that I’ve literally tripped over my own feet trying to make them go in the opposite direction. For someone who’s fallen out of bed reaching for a phone cord, abruptly switching directions after years of doing the same thing is dangerous.

I no longer look out at Ag Hall and the sidewalks in front of the Admin Building. Now my view includes the Admin Building itself, the Red Cedar River and Spartan Stadium. Honestly, every view is great no matter what corner of the building you’re in.