From the editor: Second chances

A few weeks ago, I stood in a room full of incredibly courageous people who had been given second chances. Some had been given third, fourth or even many more. I fit right in because I, like them, had been given a second chance.

We all had implantable cardioverter defibrillators, or ICDs, that had shocked us back to life at some point, giving us those precious second chances. Without those tiny, but powerful, pieces of metal in our chests, most of us wouldn’t be around. It’s a sobering thought, to be sure, but thank goodness we all were afforded this life-saving technology.

My mother was a breast cancer survivor for decades. My great uncle received a heart transplant. A cousin had major surgery as a child. My neighbor’s premature twins are now hearty and healthy boys. Modern medicine and technology is a gift to those of us who have access to it. Because of it we get more time on this earth to experience everything life has to offer and love those we care about.